AIP Pizza

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The hardest recipes to recreate when following ingredient and/or carbohydrate restrictive guidelines are baked and comfort foods. The following recipes allowed me to create a pizza that is not only passable, but addictive (but keep in mind that I haven’t had anything close for over a year, haha). These recipes are safe for any of the following: strict autoimmune protocol, gluten free, nighshade free, grain free, dairy free, low carb, paleo, and vegan.

Tapioca “Cheese” (recipe) Super quick and easy. My version used duck fat instead of olive oil, probably more like 2tbsp nutritional yeast, and coconut cream. I just threw all of these ingredients into the pot and didn’t have the patience to stir this as much as it says to and it ended up being fine. (I waited for it to start getting all gooey and separating and then whisked it a bunch.)

Nomato Sauce (recipe) Super quick and easy with canned veggies. I’m echoing the lack of patience on this as well – I just threw all of the ingredients in the food processor. My version used 1 14.5oz can sliced beets, and 2 8.25oz cans sliced carrots (to save time and cleanup). When I use this sauce for “pasta” I add a bunch of fresh basil and parsley. When I use this sauce for “pizza” I add a bunch of fresh basil and oregano.

Casabe Crust (purchase, recipe)
These stay forever so I order a bunch of them online. There are 4 plate-size slices in a package. They are expensive, but save time and this company in particular does a really good job with consistency, packing, and shipping. I use them for flatbreads, pizza, chips, and with cinnamon/maple/coconut butter for a sweet snack. You can also choose to make your own with fresh yuca aka cassava root.

I top the casabe with sauce, toppings, and “cheese” and bake in the oven at 450 degrees for 10 minutes on a cookie sheet.