Hello! You are here because you are wondering if…

…you should hire me. I am available for consulting. I enjoy problem solving, technology, and connecting people. I am particularly passionate about projects that are focused on:

  • technical strategy and implementation (trying to figure out the best technology or digital media solutions? need someone to assist in a vendor vetting process?),
  • technical facilitation (need someone to run your online meeting?),
  • technical workshops (need to offer trainings on Zoom, building websites, or social media?)
  • technical assistance (need help finding resources, writing a plan, or applying for grants?), and
  • community/economic development strategy, grant writing, and project management.

In addition, I offer web design and development services under my Convoy Digital brand.

Monique élan Priestley (she/her)
Legislator | Nonprofit Founder & Leader | Connector | Convener | Techie | Gamer

…I would be a good fit for your board or committee. I love meetings. I know – I’m a weirdo. Wait, let me clarify. I love efficient meetings involving people who care to be there. I cannot tell you how many times I have walked away from a board meeting with an adrenaline rush fueled simply by connecting with others over the excitement of an upcoming project. I am particularly fond of projects involving technology, innovation, the arts, entrepreneurship, and economic/community development.

…it makes sense for us to talk. Why not?! I enjoy listening to project and business proposals, and I am skilled at asking questions that help analyze. I am constantly meeting random people and learning about a lot of random things. One of my favorite aspects of randomness is making connections between people and information. If I cannot help, I probably know someone who can.

A deeply engaged member of the Upper Valley community, Monique has more honors, elected positions, and community service than seems humanly possible.

–Vital Communities October 2019 Newsletter