“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and

it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

A bit about me…

Was born a flatlander in Massachusetts. My family moved to rural New Hampshire when I was four. When I say rural, I mean a dirt road ten miles from the center of a town of approximately 600 people. At sixteen, I moved across the Connecticut River to the slightly more populated, neighboring Vermont town. I moved a few times for school; attended graduate school in Seattle, Washington. I returned to Bradford and bought a house.

I spent most of my childhood exploring the woods, riding bikes, or swimming with friends. I also spent a lot of time learning as much as possible. There were a few summers that I completed my middle school textbooks for the following year because I just couldn’t wait. My poor teachers provided me with more advanced work and let me tutor younger students. In high school I saw study halls as a waste of time and was lucky enough to have teachers agree to let me fill up my schedule with independent studies. When I wasn’t in school I worked as many jobs as possible and filled in any extra time with volunteer opportunities.

…and what I spend my time doing.

I telecommute full-time for the Center for Women & Enterprise out of our Burlington, VT office. As I have spent the past decade working for a Seattle-based company in various capacities, I also end up on the West Coast a few times every year. I enjoy catching up with coworkers and graduate schools friends in addition to getting doses of city life.

I have a hard time with downtime. I could probably just stop there and let you hop over to my Facebook or Instagram feeds. You will quickly see that my free-time priorities are: swimming, paddleboarding, hiking, photography, preparing keto AIP food, intermittent fasting, live arts, music, traveling, gaming (tabletop and video), and connecting with people.

My previously mentioned small town upbringing instilled in me a pretty strong sense of community. I am involved in many town, regional, and state boards and committees focusing on local/social opportunities, economic/community development, the arts, innovation, and entrepreneurship.