“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and

it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

A bit about me…

Was born a flatlander in Massachusetts. My family moved to rural New Hampshire when I was four. When I say rural, I mean a dirt road ten miles from the center of a town of approximately 600 people. At sixteen, I moved across the Connecticut River to the slightly more populated, neighboring Vermont town. I moved a few times for school; attended graduate school in Seattle, Washington. I returned to Bradford and bought a house.

I spent most of my childhood exploring the woods, riding bikes, or swimming with friends. I also spent a lot of time learning as much as possible. There were a few summers that I completed my middle school textbooks for the following year because I just couldn’t wait. My poor teachers provided me with more advanced work and let me tutor younger students. In high school I saw study halls as a waste of time and was lucky enough to have teachers agree to let me fill up my schedule with independent studies. When I wasn’t in school I worked as many jobs as possible and filled in any extra time with volunteer opportunities.

…and what I spend my time doing.

I telecommute full-time for the Center for Women & Enterprise out of our Burlington, VT office. As I have spent the past decade working for a Seattle-based company in various capacities, I also end up on the West Coast a few times every year. I enjoy catching up with coworkers and graduate schools friends in addition to getting doses of city life.

I have a hard time with downtime. I could probably just stop there and let you hop over to my Facebook feed. My previously mentioned small town upbringing instilled in me a pretty strong sense of community. As a result, my days usually end up looking like: swimming in a local lake, walking a couple of miles to The Space On Main, my multiple jobs, board/committee meetings, freelance, mealtime, recapping the day.

I am involved in many town, regional, and state boards and committees focusing on local/social opportunities, economic/workforce development, the arts, and education. I make as much time as possible for design, cooking, live music, traveling, hiking, water sports, gaming (both tabletop and videogames), and finding new interests.

“I came here for your résumé.” Fair enough. Here you go:

“I came here for your portfolio.” Very well. Here you go:

Want more? My posts tend to fall into the following categories:

Apps & Tech

I am a huge tech and gadget geek. I keep up on news and answer the ask-a-geek questions I receive. I especially love futuristic tech and super handy apps.


I listen to music pretty constantly between meetings. I cannot drive without it. I cannot cook without it. I listen to as many genres as possible.


I eat following AIP guidelines on a time-restricted fasting schedule. I love cooking and figuring out what I can eat and share with others.

On the Go

Where I am traveling, events I am attending, books I am reading (most of my reading focus is on business-psych and philosophy).